4 yaşındaki kız çocuğu volvo kamyon testi yaparsa ? Volvo test out their new truck by giving the controls to a four-year old girl _ Akademi Portal

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Volvo test out their new truck by giving the controls to a four-year old girl _ Akademi Portal Putting a four-year-old child in the driving seat of an 18-tonne truck is a recipe for disaster. Yet that is exactly what Volvo have done to test out their new new 540 hp FMX 8x6 all-wheel-drive, and the results make interesting viewing to say the least. Volvo Trucks` newest Live Test, `Look who`s driving`, sees four-year-old Sophie Brown drive the truck through a construction area using a remote control. The truck has been given several new functions over the year, and the objective of the test is to show how much it can tolerate and how easily it copes in the most demanding environments. `To show what the truck can do, we want to give it a real challenge. What test driver is more reckless than an unpredictable four-year-old?` says Ricard Fritz, Vice President Volvo Trucks Brand. Sophie steers the truck on the construction area in the film, and the truck takes unpredicted ways, among others, the truck ends up climbing a steep, soft slope, before rolling all the way down in a full 360-degree roll. `The test demonstrates beyond question the ability of the truck to cope with the most extreme environments. To help it do so, it has functions such as the new, Automatic Traction Control, keeping it going even on severely sloping and soft surfaces. They also demonstrate its total strength with an unbeatable cabin design with sturdy front corners and a reinforced sub-frame` says Gunnar Eliasson, launch manager at Volvo Trucks. I`m going to walk up, then I stop there and I drive it, left and right, back and forward,` says Sophie on her way to the test. She is handed the remote controls and her first obstacle is to evade a swinging box dangling from a crane. Predictably she smashes the truck straight into it. She then struggles to keep the truck on the straight and narrow, raising one side on the verge testing the suspension to the extreme. The journey then proceeds off tract through a huge puddle before going up a steep hill, and then plunging into a gravel pit on a 360-degree roll. But back on four wheels, a rather sheepish-looking Sophie resumes control - but things only get worse. Losing control of the truck, she drives it straight through a building, smashing it to smithereens. She finishes off the test by driving the truck around in circles apnewsturkpics www.APNEWSTURK.WEB.TV